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Springwood specialises in Dementia care. A Dementia Champion focuses on activities, music making, singing and dancing!Springwood is a small, happy community where people meet new friends and enjoy the relaxing, comfortable surroundings. We work hard to create a ‘family home’ lifestyle where residents can continue to be involved in many household activities.

Each of the bedroom corridors has well equipped bathrooms and its own attractive dining rooms and cosy sitting rooms, providing the opportunity to eat, meet and socialise in smaller groups. There are also smaller family kitchens, where residents and their friends or relatives can make a drink or a light snack.We have a large central function room where everyone gets together to enjoy group activities and entertainment.

For peaceful moments, we have quiet rooms ideal for reading, whilst our music rooms also provide the location for activities in smaller groups. This all makes for a sociable, simulating home, with company or help when needed and where it is just as easy to enjoy privacy and a quiet time.

Springwood also have four garden areas where residents can enjoy planting plants, watching wild life, picnics and outdoor activities.There is also a private patio area for residents to enjoy.

It is also important to Sheffcare that we deliver value for money for our residents who fund their own care, we believe that we offer quality care at a very fair price and one that beats many other care home providers in the city. 

The weekly fee for Springwood Residential Home is £757.


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