Sheffcare recognises that customers of our services have the right to make comments and complaints about any chosen elements of our service and about our performance and aims to treat all comments and complaints received in an effective and prompt manner with clear timescales for responding to the complainant. Sheffcare aims to capture and record the details of all comments and complaints received into Sheffcare.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the organisation and its officers and staff proactively operate within in this framework of values. Only then can Sheffcare and the people within its care be sure that the quality of the services provided are of the highest standard and that there is embedded a process of continuous learning and improvement that will benefit its service users. We aim to promote a culture in which all forms of feedback are listened to and acted upon. Complaints, compliments, general comments and suggestions are welcomed.

This policy is available in languages other than English on request as well as in large print and Braille format. Please contact the Complaints Officer to arrange this.

Complainants can expect to have their concerns dealt with, fairly, effectively and promptly. Service users, carers and relatives should not be treated differently as a result of making a complaint.

Sheffcare has an experienced Officer who will be the first point of contact for all complaints and staff involved in the complaints process. This is the Head of Quality & Improvement, Louise Beaumont, who can be contacted on 0114 2808888, whose role is to support the Care & Operations Director by taking the administrative details of all complaints contacted on number listed above.