Our Homes

A: All our rooms are for single use, with/without en suite facilities.
A: All rooms are decorated to a high standard in neutral colours. Redecoration and rearrangement of the room to suit your own tastes can be arranged, for a fee, with the Registered Manager, subject to health and safety requirements.
A: Of course! All rooms are provided fully furnished. You may bring in your own furniture by arrangement with the Registered Manager, subject to fire safety requirements. Televisions and electrical equipment can also be brought into the home, subject to proper electrical safety checks, which the Registered Manager will arrange to be carried out.
A: Yes, there are toilet facilities, with wash hand basins, suitable for wheelchair access, close to all communal facilities.
A: Yes, every room, bathroom, toilet, lounge has an emergency pull cord to request assistance from staff
A: Yes, all rooms are lockable, and many have lockable facilities within them. You can be supplied with keys when you move in
A: Yes, the home has separate lounges, dining and kitchenette facilities.

Day-to-day Life at Sheffcare

A: Absolutely, it’s your home! Just let staff know your personal preference and we will strive to help support you around your routine.
A: Yes! There are regular residents meetings with the Registered Manager, concerning the running of our Homes as well as Residents Forums  held quarterly. Residents can (if they wish) be involved in menu planning, gardening, organising events and much more…
A: Each one of our Homes have dedicated Activity Workers who arranges a weekly schedule of activities, which will be posted within the home. All activities within the home are included within the fee and include gentle exercise, games, theme nights, entertainers, gardening etc. If you have a specific interest just have a chat with the Activity Worker in your home and we’ll se what we can do!
A: All of our Home are non-smoking to stay in line with legal requirements however there are dedicated smoking areas.
A: It is very easy to mislay possessions and occasionally you might break something and forget about it. Sometimes forgetfulness can lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, we must have a firm rule that we do not accept any liability or responsibility for damaged, or mislaid possessions, unless there is undisputed evidence that this was the fault of our carers. We do not advise that you leave high value items in the home but if this is unavoidable we recommend that you arrange separate insurance cover.
A: Yes, all rooms are lockable, and many have lockable facilities within them. You can be supplied with keys when you move in
A: Yes, the home has separate lounges, dining and kitchenette facilities.

Care Fees and Payments

Please see the individual Home pages for our Care Fees

A: Fees are payable 4-weekly in advance, payable by standing order, direct debit, card payments via the telephone or bank transfer.
A: A charge will be levied from the first night of occupancy until the room is vacated in full, giving a notice period of 28 days  where appropriate.
A: All fees are based on a weekly rate.
A: There are no hidden charges at Sheffcare. Our Care fees cover your room and accommodation, utilities, laundry services, access to TV and sitting rooms available to every resident, food, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. They also cover the care and support from staff to help you with any difficulties you may have in daily living, as recorded and agreed on your plan of care (but excluding specialist care). They also cover use – according to individual needs – of the aids and appliances available in the home, such as hoists and lifts.
A: Fees are reviewed annually and will be effective from 1st April each year, but if your care needs change, meaning you need specialist dementia care or some other specialist care, it may be necessary to increase the fees in line with our tariffs. Prior to any increase in fees, the home will always conduct a review and give 28 days notice of any increase.
A: Fees don’t include personal items, such as daily papers or magazines, hairdressing costs, clothing, personal toiletries, meals for your visitors, or the costs of special outings and events, such as holidays or theatre trips. Fees also do not cover any health services that you decide to purchase privately, or that aren’t covered by the National Health Services, to which you are entitled, such as chiropody, dentistry, opticians.
A: If you need to go on a trip outside of the home (e.g. to hospital) and you are escorted by care staff, an additional hourly charge may apply, and you will have to pay for any transportation.
A: If you are away from the home for a period longer than six weeks e.g. in hospital, you may seek a reduction of 20% of the charges after that period. This takes into account the need for you to retain your accommodation and the lower costs to the home of the food and services that are entailed by your absence. We will keep your room empty and secure during any temporary absence. If it appears that you would not be able, or not wish, to return to the home after such an absence, we would agree a termination by mutual consent and the normal notice period of 28 days would apply.
A: Yes, Sheffcare can become appointees. Please call us on 0114 2808888 for more information about this service.