Our Charity

Sheffcare is an independent local charity caring for older people and people living with dementia across Sheffield.

Our history

Sheffcare was formed as a Registered Charity in 1994 when a number of residential care homes were transferred out of the ownership of Sheffield City Council into Sheffcare. The purpose of setting up the charity was to safeguard vital services for older people in Sheffield and to offer great care at affordable prices. In 2024 Sheffcare will celebrate 30 years and the commitment to great care at a reasonable cost remains unchanged. Our focus is always on meeting the needs and wishes of our residents and the people who use our services, doing everything that we can to enhance and add to people’s lives.

What we do

We currently run nine residential homes and two day services in Sheffield, all offering care for older people and people living with dementia. Our residential homes can offer either a permanent home, short term respite care, or short term ‘step down’ care for people leaving hospital. 

We look after a mixture of people who pay for their own care, and people who are funded by the Local Authority; Sheffield City Council.

Across our nine care homes we have 456 individual bedrooms, in homes of varying sizes – our smallest homes have rooms for 38 people; our biggest home can accommodate up to 74 people. One of our homes, Valley Wood, offers all-dementia care; the other eight homes offer a mixture of residential and dementia care.

Every year we care for over 1000 people.

Why we’re different

As a Registered Charity Sheffcare exists solely to provide a public benefit – no individuals or companies make a profit from our organisation. We work hard to try and make a surplus every year which we invest back into the charity.

While each Sheffcare home is different in size, layout, location and specialisation, they all share something crucial: a positive homely atmosphere and dedicated staff determined to make a real difference in people’s lives. A career in adult social care is not highly paid: our staff work in our homes because they are passionate about caring for our residents. The aim of our staff is not only to provide physical care but to bring smiles and a little extra joy to each day.

We are transparent in our fees so that you know from the outset what our charges are. Our fees start from £818 per week.

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Our Statement of Purpose

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