We have many years experience in supporting people living with dementia and is committed to providing excellent support through a range of services that include residential care, active recovery and day care provision.

We believe that good dementia care is about a positive and flexible culture that supports and respects people. A person living with dementia remains unique and valuable with their own individual experiences of life, their own needs and feelings and their own likes and dislikes.

Although some symptoms of dementia are common to everyone, each person’s experience will differ, and it is crucial that the person feels that they still have an important part to play in life.

The care and support of people experiencing their unique journey through the often frightening world of dementia requires an approach that is truly person centred. Our commitment is to understand the uniqueness of the people affected by dementia and the support that they and their families need.

Our homes are designed to encourage and promote independence and autonomy so that residents living with dementia can enjoy a homely, comfortable environment with access to safe outdoor space.

All employees, in all roles, have access to ongoing dementia training, education, information and support. Our Dementia Care Champions, supported by Alzheimer’s Society, also ensure workforce development and deliver additional training to both staff and families. To find out more about our approach to dementia care read our dementia care strategy

We provide dementia care at the following homes

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