Moving into a residential home can be a very emotional decision for some people. For others it represents a welcome move to added security, much-needed help and company. Whichever is the case, we are here to make the move stress-free.

Residents are surrounded by care and companionship and friendly faces; many firm friendships are forged with our staff and new friends are made amongst the residents. Simple things like enjoying a meal in company, a chat over a cup of tea, a game of cards or dominoes, or a laugh and a joke can help to make each day a happy and comfortable one.

We positively encourage residents to maintain the friendships and links they had before coming to live with us and we support them in continuing existing hobbies and interests - and exploring some new ones.

If they wish and are able, residents also have the opportunity to continue with daily 'chores' like cleaning, dusting, even ironing - with a watchful eye for safety of course. It's an important part of maintaining capabilities and keeping on the go.

Whichever of the Sheffcare homes you choose, we encourage you or your relative to bring small pieces of furniture and personal possessions such as pictures and ornaments to add the finishing touches to the comfortable bedrooms. It's a great help in settling in and comforting to be surrounded by familiar things.

The rooms at each of our homes vary in size so please discuss with us what you would like to bring, you may be surprised to find that a much-loved piece of furniture can come along with you! Some of our residents choose to have SKY TV installed in their rooms, along with a private phone line and internet access.

For additional information, please check out this free Meaningful Visiting Guide from NAPA.

We provide residential care at the following homes

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