MIDHURST Road Residential Care home at Foxhill has won the praise of inspectors from national regulatory body the Care Quality Commission.  The CQC, the independent regulator of all health and social care in England, made a detailed inspection of the home, one of the chain of 11 operated across the city by not for profit organisation Sheffcare.

 The inspectors spoke to 16 people living at the home and four of their relatives or friends to obtain their views of the support provided.  They also spoke to nine members of the Midhurst Road staff, which included the manager, to get the fullest possible picture of daily life at the home and inspectors rated the home good in all key areas for investigation, including safety, efficiency, caring, responsiveness and leadership with particular praise for the way staff interact with residents.

“People spoken with were positive about their experience of living at Midhurst Road,” the inspectors commented.  “They told us they felt safe and staff were kind and they told us they could talk to staff and if they had any worries or concerns they would be listened to.”

 The report also pointed out that relatives too had no concerns regarding their loved ones’ care and that they said staff always kept them up to date with any news and they were always made to feel welcome.  “We saw people participated in a range of daily activities both in and outside of the home which were meaningful and promoted independence,” the inspectors’ report added.

“There were effective systems in place to monitor and improve the quality of the service provided, regular checks and audits were undertaken to make sure full and safe procedures were adhered to.”

There was particular praise for staff, all of whom were said to interact with residents in a caring manner. One member of the team, told inspectors: “I look at it like people living here are someone’s Mum and Dad, Nan or Granddad and we make it all right for them, like we would want our family to be cared for.”

 Sheffcare Chief Executive Belinda Black said she was delighted with the CQC’s findings. “Once again, we have opened our doors to the CQC safe in the knowledge that we are providing the best possible levels of care for residents at all our homes,” she said.“The Midhurst Road report is something for the whole team to be proud of as it shows quite clearly that care of our residents is our greatest priority at all times.”

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