We are encouraging residents living with dementia to create special memory boxes.  Memory boxes give residents a chance to share treasured moments from the past with family and loved ones. They also give Sheffcare staff a valuable glimpse into the lives of the people we are working with.

Edna Newall, who is 102 years and a Resident at Cotleigh Residential Home in Hackenthorpe has been working on a Memory Box that she shared with carer Nicola Hetherington. Cotleigh manager Rod MacAskill explained that Memory Boxes and life story books are a great way for the carers to understand more about residents and a great way to form relationships, especially when residents are new to the home.

“Each Cotleigh resident who lives with Dementia now has a Memory Box outside of their room,” he explained. “These boxes hold significant memorial items from the resident’s past, including family photos and ornaments. The boxes help recall fond memories and help inspire conversations with carers and their relatives.”

Each home within Sheffcare that has a Dementia Unit now has memory boxes in place.  All our homes also have life story books in place.  

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