Job Description


Responsible to :                      Registered Manager
Holiday/Sickness Relief :      Day Centre Staff

 Purpose of the Job:                                       
To promote and adhere to the workplace values of Sheffcare:

  • Care will be delivered with compassion, dignity and respect, putting the person at the very heart of care deliver.
  • We ensure our care is safe, effective, individualised and is continually monitored and improved to meet new standard.
  • We actively value the contribution of all our staff and volunteers through recognition, training and development

 To provide quality care to service users in a manner which will maximize their quality of life.
To act as a Key Worker for designated service users. 



    1. To be aware of and work within company policies and procedures as determined by Sheffcare Board and Chief Executive, ensuring that all applicable legislation is implemented. 
    1. To provide and develop client-orientated activities/events and therapeutical sessions. 
    1. To liaise with external agencies/bodies as necessary. 
    1. To work closely with home based staff, maximise customer satisfaction. 
    1. To promote and publicise all Sheffcare services. 
    1. To ensure all equipment and materials are transported and available for users of the service, including setting up as necessary. 
    1. To advise the Registered Manager in adapting existing services and on the introduction of new services, assisting with the planning and implementation of these services.
    1. To be aware of individuals needs having regard for their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs, taking into account their cultural and ethnic background. 
    1. To promote daily living skills with service users. 
    1. To assist and liaise with catering staff to ensure individual dietary needs are met. 
    1. To undertake training as required by the company. 
    1. To assist in staff induction and training programmes as directed. 
    1. To participate in meetings as directed and receive formal supervision. 
    1. To record information as deemed necessary by the company through company recording systems. 
    1. To undertake any other duties applicable to the grade and purpose of the post.
    1. Any other reasonable request made by a member of the management team